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Visions of Glory'Visions of Glory' by David Adam and James Douglas

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Catalogue No. ABZ103C
Label: Caritas
Words: David Adam
Music: James Douglas
p 1990 Caritas Records
Music © Copyright Eschenbach Editions 1990

'Visions of Glory' contains 12 beautiful and moving prayers in the Celtic Tradition (taken from the book entitled: 'The Edge of Glory', David Adam, Triangle/SPCK 1985), sung by Caritas Voices to memorable and atmospheric music by Scottish-based composer James Douglas. These prayers all have a wonderful melody and can be used in an individual setting or for congregational use. Douglas has wonderful way of setting words to music and makes great use of the texts.

Cry of the Deer'Cry of the Deer' by David Adam and James Douglas

Price £5.99 (plus £2.50 for all orders under £10). Buy online here on Cassette or CD

Catalogue No. CCBZ230C
Label: Caritas Classics
Words: David Adam
Music: James Douglas
p <1992 Caritas Records
Music © Eschenbach Editions 1992

'Cry of the Deer' consists of a series of six moving meditations led by the former Vicar of Holy Island, David Adam, taken from the book entitled: 'Cry of the Deer' (David Adam, Triangle/SPCK 1987). Interspersed by evocative and inspirational flute interludes before and after each meditation, this is an ideal recording for use in groups or individually. The music is taken from 'Hebridean Dream Music' by James Douglas and is performed by George Gwilt (flute). This piece is now available on the CD 'A Vision' by James Douglas. The music is a challenging flute solo with dramatic turns throughout.



Caritas Live Series 1-7 on Cassette and CDDetails of full tracks on each Caritas Live Cassette: No. 1-7 available now, Price £8.00 each (plus £2.50 for Postage on all orders under £10)

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Caritas Live Numbers 1-7 (7 Cassettes or CDs in total):

1) Journey around Beinn Fada after the painting by James Hawkins for Cello & Piano / & Vigil of the Ascension for Organ (Recorded 15/6/2001)

2) Double Prelude No. 1 (Into the Taiga) for Organ & Piano), Waltz for Susannah & Waltz for Madeleine for Flute & Piano (Recorded 24/8/2001)

3) Kaddish for Solo Cello, Compline for Solo Cello & Music for Katyñ for Organ & Piano (Recorded 28/9/2001)

4) Doors of Perception for Trumpet & Piano, Landscapes of Light for Piano & 3 Pavans from High Places (Clip), (Recorded 26/10/2001) (Listen online).

5) Double Prelude No. 5 (Rannoch) for Organ & Piano, Autumn Serenade for Trumpet & Piano & Double Prelude No. 3 (Cranes Dancing) for Flute & piano, (Recorded 23/11/2001)

6) Larghetto in E for Flute & Piano, Threnody for Lost Time (Clip) for Cello, Flute, Trumpet & Piano), Double Prelude No. 7 (Cape Breton Island) for Flute & Piano, Double Prelude No. 8 (The Feast of his Joy) for Organ & Piano& Journeys to Iona for Organ. (Recorded 01/02/2002) (Listen online).

7) Double Prelude No. 8 (The Feast of his Joy) for Organ & Piano, Five Flower Movements for Trumpet & Piano, Forbidden City for Flute, Organ, Piano & Cymbal, A Prayer for Jerusalem Cello & Piano and Double Prelude No. 10 (Cantilène) for Solo Alto flute. (Recorded during 2003.)

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