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The Wee cooper of Fife: A story with music by James Douglas

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Digital Recordings by James Douglas include:

  1. Dancing round the North
  2. Land of the Lochans: Caritas Live No. 12
  3. The City Never Sleeps: Caritas Live No. 9
  4. Cloud of Unknowing
  5. Summertime Song: Caritas Live No. 8
  6. The Feast of his Joy: Caritas Live No. 7
  7. Threnody for Lost Time: Caritas Live No. 6
  8. Cranes Dancing: Caritas Live No. 5
  9. A Vision
  10. Nocturnal: Caritas Live No. 10
  11. Visions of Glory sung by Caritas Voices (words: David Adam / music: James Douglas)
  12. Peace of the Highlands: Caritas Live No. 11
  13. Music for the Fallen: Caritas Live No. 3
  14. Vigil of the Ascension
  15. Music for Hope and Recovery
  16. All over the World Part 1: 11 songs from Scotland and New York City
  17. All over the World Part 2: 12 songs from France and Europe
  18. The Wee Cooper of Fife: A Story with Music Music for hope and recovery by James Douglas



plus 18 Compact Discs too, For further details, click here:


Eschenbach Editions (Classical Publisher) exclusively publishes the music of Composer James Douglas Composer.

February 2022: Eschenbach Editions is sad to announce that James Douglas Composer passed away at home in early February.

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CDs / Sheet Music:

Dancing round the North CD by James DouglasCaritas Music Publishing has the exclusive sole distribution rights for Sheet Music published by Eschenbach Peace of the Highlands by James DouglasEditions. Visit the Trade section here for further details.

Caritas Music Publishing is also the sole distributor of Caritas Records, with 18 CDs by Composer James Douglas , and a multi-media DVD. These products are for sale online here. Separately Caritas Music Publishing also distributes Classical CDs to Trade Customers for many Classical Record labels.


Interested in opening a Trade Account, then please email: , call 01854 612236 for further details or visit the Trade section for full details and for current terms and conditions.

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