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The City Never Sleeps by James Douglas

Catalogue Number: ABZ150CD

1. The City Never Sleeps (Flute & Piano) 3:41
2. The Anderson Prelude (Flute & Piano) 3:35
3. Nocturnal (Flute & Piano) 5:26
4. Highland Buzzard (Flute) 3:21
5. Arietta (Flute & Piano) 4:39
6. Concepts of Peace (Flute & Piano) 9:46
7. Kilbrannan (Flute) 3:51
8. 10,000 Bamboo Poles (Flute & Piano) 9:45
9. Circle me O God (Soprano & Piano) 2:22
10. Anima Christi (Soprano & Piano) 3:30
11. Malcesine Tanz (Trumpet & Piano) 3:08
12. River Ice 2:26

Composer: James Douglas

Label: Caritas Live

Artists: James Douglas (Piano), Katharine Douglas (Soprano), George Gwilt (Flute) and Andrew Kinnear (Trumpet)

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Price: £9.99

'This remarkable 12 track CD includes 8 pieces for Flute & Piano, 2 for Soprano & Piano and 2 for Trumpet & Piano (all of which have been recorded live in Edinburgh). They all will guarantee to provide a creative mix of enjoyable music for the listener. They are full of melody, feeling and inspire the imagination for all. In particular the title track: 'The City Never Sleeps' for Flute & Piano features a wonderful tune that will remain with you for a long time. All the performers enjoy the music of James Douglas, which is evident by this recording.' This CD now has a new cover and was relaunched by Caritas Records in 2015.


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