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Cloud of Unknowing

Catalogue Number: ABZ130CD

1. Praise Sion, Switzerland Organ 7:16
2. Wild Swans (Flute & Piano) 3:35
3. Symphony for Organ: Clouds of Mystery (2nd movement) 11:07
4. Lindisfarena (Piano) 8:22
5. Nativity Recessional for Organ 5:20
6. Waltz for Isabel (Flute & Piano) 2:14
7. Le Soleil dansant (James Douglas, Organ) 7:47
8. The Sun Dancing (Flute) 4:50
9. The Source of Life (Organ and Narrator) 7:35

Composer: James Douglas
Label: Caritas
Artists: James Douglas, George Gwilt, Michael Bonaventure and Jim Mein

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Price: £9.99

'Cloud of Unknowing' contains 9 stunning tracks for Piano, Flute, Organ and Narrator. 'Direct and Lucid..' (The Edinburgh Evening News, 1/2/2001). This remarkable recording features both live performances and new recordings, giving a deeper insight into the music of James Douglas. This CD includes the wonderful 2nd movement of Symphony for Organ: Clouds of Mystery by Douglas, a truly magnificent work for organ; a must have.


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