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Cry of the Deer

Catalogue Number: CCBZ230C

1. God Calls 13:13
2. The Other who comes 10:41
3. God Cares 14:19
4. Rejoice in the Lord 8:35
5. Love the World 7:12
6. In Him we Live 17:46

Composer: James Douglas
Label: Caritas Classics
Artists: David Adam / interspersed by Flute Music: George Gwilt

Price: £5.99

'Cry of the Deer' consists of a series of six moving meditations by the then Vicar of Holy Island, Rev. Canon David Adam, taken from the book entitled: 'Cry of the Deer' (David Adam, Triangle/SPCK 1987), interspersed by evocative and inspirational flute interludes before and after each meditation. This is an ideal recording for use in groups or individually. The music is taken from 'Hebridean Dream Music' by James Douglas and is played by George Gwilt (flute). This piece is now available on the CD 'A Vision' by James Douglas. The music is a challenging flute solo with dramatic turns throughout.

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