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Catalogue Number: ABZ141CD

1. Journey around Beinn Fada for Cello and Piano 9:45
2. Vigil of the Ascension for Organ 14:35

Composer: James Douglas
Label: Caritas Live
Artists: James Douglas (Piano), Susan Rigg (Cello), and Michael Bonaventure (Organ)

Price: £9.99

'The first in the important Caritas Live series begins with Susan Rigg and James Douglas recorded Live performing 'Journey around Beinn Fada', which was written after the Composer had worked with the Scottish based Artist James Hawkins (Rhue, Ullapool) having viewed his painting of the same name. This piece is dedicated to James and Flick Hawkins. This is followed by 'Vigil of the Ascension' a magnificent piece for Organ, played by Michael Bonaventure, the piece ends triumphantly.


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