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The Feast of his Joy by James Douglas

Catalogue Number: ABZ147CD

1. Double Prelude No. 8 (The Feast of his Joy) for Organ & Piano 7:47
2. Five Flower Movements for Trumpet & Piano 9:50
3. Old City Music for Organ, Flute & Piano 18:04
4. A Prayer for Jerusalem for Cello & Piano 4:21
5. Double Prelude No. 10 (Cantilene) for Alto Flute 2:53

Composer: James Douglas
Label: Caritas Live
Artists: Susan Rigg (Cello), James Douglas (Piano), Michael Bonaventure (Organ), George Gwilt (Flute / Alto Flute) and Andrew Kinnear (Trumpet)

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Price: £9.99

'The Feast of his Joy' ('Caritas Live No. 7) features Double Prelude No. 8 (The Feast of his Joy) which includes a quote from a well known Anthem as well as some gospel style music, this piece: a Double Prelude, is performed by both Piano and Organ. Followed by 'Five Flower Movements for Trumpet & Piano, this lively collection includes 1) White Magnolia, 2) Mariposa Lily, 3) Mountain Poppies, 4) White Trumpet Flower & 5) Red Canna.'Old City Music' is a ground breaking work in 9 movements incorporating Organ, Flute, and Piano. A wonderful ending to this CD is the World Premiere of 'Double Prelude No. 10: Cantilene' played by George Gwilt on the Alto Flute, a beautiful instrument.' This CD now has a new cover and was relaunched by Caritas Records in 2015.


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