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Caritas Live No. 7

Catalogue Number: ABZ147C

1. Double Prelude No. 8 (The Feast of his Joy) 7:47
2. Five Flower Movements 9:50
3. Forbidden City 18:04
4. A Prayer for Jerusalem 4:21
5. Double Prelude No. 10 (Cantilene) 2:53

Composer: James Douglas
Label: Caritas Live
Artists: Susan Rigg, James Douglas, Michael Bonaventure, George Gwilt and Andrew Kinnear

Price: £8.00

'Caritas Live No. 7 features the World Premiere performance of Double Prelude No. 8 (The Feast of his Joy) which includes a quote from a well known Anthem as well as some gospel style music, this piece: a Double Prelude, is performed by both Piano and Organ. 'The Forbidden City' refers to the story of the Forbidden City in China, by incorporating Organ, Flute, Cymbal and Piano in an exciting and moving work. A wonderful ending to this cassette is the World Premiere of 'Double Prelude No. 10: Cantilene' played by George Gwilt on the Alto Flute, a beautiful instrument.'

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